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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UK Glee OST music mp3 hits

Glee OST [Soundtrack]

Album Glee Cast

by Glee Cast

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1. Don't Stop Believin' (Glee Cast Version)

2. Can't Fight This Feeling (Glee Cast Version)

3. Gold Digger (Glee Cast Version)

4. Take A Bow (Glee Cast Version)

5. Bust Your Windows (Glee Cast Version)

6. Taking Chances (Glee Cast Version)

7. Alone (Glee Cast Version Feat. Kristin Chenoweth)

8. Maybe This Time (Glee Cast Version Feat. Kristin Chenoweth)

9. Somebody To Love (Glee Cast Version)

10. Hate On Me (Glee Cast Version)

11. No Air (Glee Cast Version)

12. You Keep Me Hangin' On (Glee Cast Version)

13. Keep Holding On (Glee Cast Version)

14. Bust A Move (Glee Cast Version)

15. Sweet Caroline (Glee Cast Version)

16. Dancing With Myself (Glee Cast Version)

17. Defying Gravity (Glee Cast Version)

# Audio CD (15 Feb 2010)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Format: Soundtrack
# Label: Columbia

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Reviews UK Glee OST music mp3 hits

TV show 'Glee' has yet to be shown on E4 over here but is already a breakout hit for FOX in the US. Created by Ryan Murphy, it's a hugely enjoyable take on the American high school experience. By focusing on a school's 'Glee' club - singing group - the show is able to introduce high impact musical numbers every week.

Divorced from its source material, this soundtrack album easily stands up on it's own merits. There are cheesy moments, that goes without saying, but there is also some outstanding music. Most of these come from actress Lea Michele, who interprets every song in interesting and often moving ways. Rihanna's 'Take A Bow' and Queen's 'Somebody To Love' both benefit from Lea's gorgeous vocals that combine Broadway style theatrics with a fragile vulnerability that stops you in your tracks.

Matthew Morrison takes on 'Gold Digger' and 'Bust A Move' with surprising success - his genuine real-life love of rnb shines through. He is also excellent on Heart's classic 'Alone', which is a duet with musicals legend Kristen Chenowith.

Standout track is the incendiary 'Bust Your Windows', in which Amber Riley takes Jazmine Sullivan's slyly malicious kiss-off to a cheating partner to new heights. The production is terrific and Amber sells the song for all it's worth.

This is not an album that will appeal to listeners seeking authenticity or innovation. It's a warm, life-affirming celebration of pop music that offers simple enjoyment and appreciation. Like the show itself, 'Glee' wears its heart on its sleeve and isn't afraid to be emotional.

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