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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UK Pandemonium Live at the O2 Arena London

Pandemonium: Live at the O2 Arena, London, 21st December 2009 (CD+DVD) [CD]

Album Pandemonium

by Pet Shop Boys

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Disc: 1
1. More than a dream/Heart (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
2. Did you see me coming? (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
3. Pandemonium/Can you forgive her? (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
4. Love etc. (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
5. Go West (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
6. Two divided by zero (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
7. Why don't we live together? (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
8. New York City boy (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
9. Always on my mind (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
10. Closer to heaven/Left to my own devices (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)

Disc: 2
1. More than a dream/Heart (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
2. Did you see me coming? (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
3. Pandemonium/Can you forgive her? (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
4. Love etc. (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
5. Building a wall (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
6. Go west (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
7. Two divided by zero (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
8. Why don't we live together? (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
9. New York City boy (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)
10. Always on my mind (Live at the O2 Arena, London - 21 December 2009)

Captured on their sold out worldwide Pandemonium tour--this two disc CD and DVD release sees the Pet Shop Boys at the height of their powers.

Featuring songs from 2009's critically acclaimed Yes album plus all their greatest hits including "West End Girls", "Being Boring" and "Heart"--Pandemonium is the definitive live Pet Shop Boys experience; shot in HD and mixed by Stuart Price.

The DVD also features three music videos and two exclusive live encore tracks performed at the O2--including a cover of "My Girl" by Madness. Last but by no means least is the spectacular BRITs performance from 2009 when the Pet Shop Boys were honoured with the prestigious Outstanding Contribution to Music award. This performance features both Lady Gaga and Brandon Flowers from The Killers.

Also included is a brand new audio commentary from Neil and Chris together with the show's creative director Es Devlin.

# Audio CD (15 Feb 2010)
# Number of Discs: 3
# Format: CD
# Label: Parlophone

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Reviews UK Pandemonium Live at the O2 Arena London

The Pet Shop Boys are an electronic band and although they've used real drummers, guitars, strings etc in the past, this show is pure electronica, so other than the vocals and Lowe's keyboards and percussion, most of the backing music is sequenced. This in no way detracts from the entertainment, and many tracks have been reworked and rearranged for the live situation. Performing Go West over the timpani and bass of Paninaro was a stroke of genius, complemented by some excellent dancers and intreguing backdrop projections. Other highlights include several medleys (Can You Forgive Her seque's effortlessly into Pandemonium. Likewise for Discoteca, Domino Dancing and a cover of the Coldplay classic Viva la Vida).
A humerous audio commentary from Neil and Chris and some additional footage from the night along with the videos from the singles from the YES album are welcome extras.

I received the CD/DVD today and have watched a couple of the tracks, I have to say that what a fantastic show it was, when I went to see it, i especially liked "What Have I Done To Deserve This?" with Dusty Springfield projected in the background, and also featured on the track itself.

UK Glee The Music Volume 2

Glee: The Music, Volume 2 [Soundtrack]

Album Glee

by Glee Cast

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# Audio CD (8 Dec 2009)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Format: Soundtrack
# Label: Sony

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Reviews UK Glee The Music Volume 2

The 'Glee sound' is typically based on layered harmonies, very strong 'show tune' vocals (with a couple of notable exceptions which seem to owe much to autotune) and a melody that is pushed right to the front of the mix. This can be beguiling when a track like the archly caustic 'Smile' by Lily Allen becomes a lovelorn and cutesy duet.

The song choices are fairly varied and, to give credit where it's due, selecting something like Lennon's 'Imagine' indicates that the producers clearly have only one criteria: that it's a great melody and it fits the scene in the show. No doubt some music fans will find it difficult to reconcile hearing a classic track by their favourite artist with the ultra glossy Glee makeover it's been given here. Yet seen as a showcase for the original artist, this might prove to be an entry point for a new audience to hear their music.

There's nothing on this second disc that even comes close to the towering 'Bust Your Windows' on the first soundtrack but, as a collection of great songs to sing along to this is still very much worth purchasing. Lea Michele and Amber Riley's vocals deserve to be heard.

UK The Fame Monster mp3 download

The Fame Monster [Deluxe Edition]

Album The Fame Monster

by Lady Gaga

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Disc 1
1. Bad Romance

2. Alejandro

3. Monster

4. Speechless

5. Dance In The Dark

6. Telephone

7. So Happy I Could Die

8. Teeth

Disc 2

1. Just Dance

2. LoveGame

3. Paparazzi

4. Poker Face

5. I Like It Rough

6. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

7. Starstruck

8. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

9. The Fame

10. Money Honey

11. Boys Boys Boys

12. Paper Gangsta

13. Brown Eyes

14. Summerboy

15. Disco Heaven

16. Again Again

# Audio CD (23 Nov 2009)
# Number of Discs: 2
# Format: Deluxe Edition
# Label: Polydor

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Reviews The Fame Monster [Deluxe Edition]

THE LADY CAN SING!! Her voice is a rich and powerful instrument.

The cut-and-paste way with both words and melody keeps
us both guessing and entertained at every turn.

The ecstatic hook of 'Alejandro' errupts out of the swirling,
raw-edged, synth and big-beat backdrop like a ray of sunshine
bursting through a black cloud.

When Lady GG tells us that "...he ate my heart and then he
ate my brain" on a subway train, we know that we are not in
the company of an ordinary or restrained musical imagination.
A song like 'Monster' confirms both her eccentricity and her genius.

'Speechless' delivers one of the finest vocal performances she
has so-far given us. Soulful, sincere and totally believable.

Back to the dancefloor with 'Dance In The Dark' (begging for
a more uptempo remix!). The thundering percussion and
deleriously infectious chorus are magnificently uplifting.

So too the electric collaboration with Ms Knowles on 'Telephone'.
The chemistry generated by these two not inconsiderably large
egos could have burst the song at the seams. Full credit to the
production team for keeping the train on the rails.
Both Divas would appear to have survived with their dignity intact.

'So Happy I Could Die' layers instrumental and vocal harmonies
to splendid effect. One of the album's strongest tunes.

UK Heligoland mp3 downlaod

Heligoland: Limited Edition

Album Heligoland

by Massive Attack

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1. Pray For Rain
2. Babel
3. Splitting The Atom
4. Girl I Love You
5. Psyche
6. Flat Of The Blade
7. Paradise Circus
8. Rush Minute
9. Saturday Come Slow
10. Atlas Air

Massive Attack are a seminal group of musical innovators whose early work detonated the Bristol music scene of the early 90's and unwittingly gave birth to "trip-hop". The group formed in 1987 around their influential and legendary Dug Out club and Jamaican-style soundsystem, playing a blend of hip hop, new wave reggae, early house and techno which shaped their acclaimed 1991 debut, Blue Lines. Mezzanine, their third album released in 1998 proved to be a creative and commercial peak selling in excess of three million albums.

Four years after the release of their best of album Collected and seven years since their last studio album 100th Window, Massive Attack return with their fifth studio album. Heligoland features original band members Daddy G and 3D, long time cohort Horace Andy and guest vocals from Damon Albarn, Hope Sandoval, Martina Topley-Bird, Guy Garvey and Tunde Adebimpe.

# Audio CD (8 Feb 2010)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Label: Virgin

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Reviews UK Heligoland mp3 downlaod

Take, for example, languid opener "Pray For Rain", magnified by TV On The Radio's Tunde Adebimpe ; on previous records, songs like "Safe From Harm", "Angel", "Protection" and even "Future Proof" were kicking proceedings in panache and style, but here you get a moody lament over a tense rolling drumbeat that keeps things tight but never to the point of explosion. If there's a revolution this time around (and as far as I know nobody pointed this out yet), that's precisely the fact that, for once, Massive Attack seem to have opted for a rather organic simplicity instead of creating the beat monster everyone expected (especially in the wake of the awesome "United Snakes" released in 2006 as the flip to "False Flags", and that could have been a welcome addition here).

Yet for all simple it appears, "Heligoland" is a much thought of record, being neither minimal nor easy, it's just that the main body of work hides behind the curtains. As always, the vocalists guestlist must have been quite helpful too : the two Martina Topley-Bird contributions, on the false calmdown "Psyche" and the tense "Babel" shine on, while, oddly, the exquisitely lightweight "Paradise Circus" - an obvious choice for the single - could have been an outtake from that singer's great LP, "Blue God"... except that it's performed (almost haunted, more like) by ex-Mazzy Star diva Hope Sandoval. Also, while not being a big Elbow fan to be frank, I have to give an accolade to their frontman Guy Garvey, who provides his wonderful, almost atonal falsetto on "Flat Of The Blade", making that difficult seemingly weird song sound like an early Peter Gabriel lost gem. Overall the record is less diverse but more consistent than other Massive LPs ; like another reviewer rightly pointed out, there's no real standout tracks yet there's no filler either (I still can't figure out, though, why Damon Albarn has been casted for the relatively dull "Saturday Come Slow", apart from his obvious friendship with the band).

UK Glee OST music mp3 hits

Glee OST [Soundtrack]

Album Glee Cast

by Glee Cast

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1. Don't Stop Believin' (Glee Cast Version)

2. Can't Fight This Feeling (Glee Cast Version)

3. Gold Digger (Glee Cast Version)

4. Take A Bow (Glee Cast Version)

5. Bust Your Windows (Glee Cast Version)

6. Taking Chances (Glee Cast Version)

7. Alone (Glee Cast Version Feat. Kristin Chenoweth)

8. Maybe This Time (Glee Cast Version Feat. Kristin Chenoweth)

9. Somebody To Love (Glee Cast Version)

10. Hate On Me (Glee Cast Version)

11. No Air (Glee Cast Version)

12. You Keep Me Hangin' On (Glee Cast Version)

13. Keep Holding On (Glee Cast Version)

14. Bust A Move (Glee Cast Version)

15. Sweet Caroline (Glee Cast Version)

16. Dancing With Myself (Glee Cast Version)

17. Defying Gravity (Glee Cast Version)

# Audio CD (15 Feb 2010)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Format: Soundtrack
# Label: Columbia

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Reviews UK Glee OST music mp3 hits

TV show 'Glee' has yet to be shown on E4 over here but is already a breakout hit for FOX in the US. Created by Ryan Murphy, it's a hugely enjoyable take on the American high school experience. By focusing on a school's 'Glee' club - singing group - the show is able to introduce high impact musical numbers every week.

Divorced from its source material, this soundtrack album easily stands up on it's own merits. There are cheesy moments, that goes without saying, but there is also some outstanding music. Most of these come from actress Lea Michele, who interprets every song in interesting and often moving ways. Rihanna's 'Take A Bow' and Queen's 'Somebody To Love' both benefit from Lea's gorgeous vocals that combine Broadway style theatrics with a fragile vulnerability that stops you in your tracks.

Matthew Morrison takes on 'Gold Digger' and 'Bust A Move' with surprising success - his genuine real-life love of rnb shines through. He is also excellent on Heart's classic 'Alone', which is a duet with musicals legend Kristen Chenowith.

Standout track is the incendiary 'Bust Your Windows', in which Amber Riley takes Jazmine Sullivan's slyly malicious kiss-off to a cheating partner to new heights. The production is terrific and Amber sells the song for all it's worth.

This is not an album that will appeal to listeners seeking authenticity or innovation. It's a warm, life-affirming celebration of pop music that offers simple enjoyment and appreciation. Like the show itself, 'Glee' wears its heart on its sleeve and isn't afraid to be emotional.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

UK Valentine song Ryan Leslie

Valentine Ryan Leslie

Album Valentine

by Ryan Leslie

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# Original Release Date: 1 Feb 2010
# Release Date: 1 Feb 2010
# Label: Universal Music TV Campaign Division
# Copyright: (C) 2009 Universal Music TV, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd.
# Duration: 3:44 minutes

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UK Valentine song RJ Cloud

Valentine song RJ Cloud

Album Valentine song

by RJ Cloud

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# Original Release Date: 6 Jan 2009
# Label: RJ Cloud
# Copyright: 2009 RJ Cloud
# Duration: 3:34 minutes

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UK Valentine song

Valentines Day - Songs About Love

Album Valentines Day - Songs About Love

by Various Artists

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1. Stop in the Name of Love Billy Preston
2. Love Among People Percy Sledge
3. I'm Still In Love With You Little Anthony And The Imperials
4. God's Love Robert Blair & The Fantastic Violinaires
5. Lovely Day Clarence Carter
6. Love Is All Around (from 'Four Weddings And A Funeral') Bobby Crush
7. When a Man Loves a Woman Percy Sledge
8. True Love, True Love The Drifters
9. Chains of Love Silver Convention
10. Let This Love Last Forever George Williams
11. So Much in Love The Tymes
12. Falling in Love Again New Birth
13. Greatest Love of All Dionyza Sutton
14. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me Clarence Carter
15. Let's Make This Love Last Forever The Tymes
16. Lovers Always Forgive Gladys Knight & The Pips
17. If Ever I Should Fall in Love Gladys Knight & The Pips

# Original Release Date: 9 Feb 2010
# Label: X5 Music Group
# Copyright: 2010 X5 Music Group
# Total Length: 1:00:00

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Valentine song St. Valentine Love Songs

St. Valentine's Love Songs

Album St. Valentine's Love Songs

by Various Artists

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1. Love Me (Original Mix) Sarah Vaughan
2. It's Not For Me To Say (Original Mix) Johnny Mathis
3. Unforgettable (Original Mix) Nat King Cole
4. Please, Please, Please (Original Mix) James Brown
5. The Great Pretender (Original Mix) The Platters
6. All I Have To Do Is Dream (Original Mix) The Everly Brothers
7. Night & Day (Original Mix) Frank Sinatra
8. Stupid Cupid (Original Mix) Connie Francis
9. Diana (Original Mix) Paul Anka
10. Chanson D'Amour (Song Of Love) (Original Mix) Art Todd
11. Love Letters In The Sand (Original Mix) Pat Boone
12. For Your Precious Love (Original Mix) Jerry Buttler
13. Cry (Original Mix) Johnnie Ray
14. It's Too Late (Original Mix) Chuck Willis
15. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (Original Mix) Four Aces
16. You Send Me (Original Mix) Sam Cooke
17. Crying In The Chapel (Original Mix) The Orioles
18. Drown In My Own Tears (Original Mix) Ray Charles
19. Mad About A Boy (Original Mix) Dinah Washington
20. Smile (Original Mix) Nat King Cole
21. Misty (Original Mix) Sarah Vaughan with Quincy Jones
22. That Ole Devil Called Love (Original Mix) Billie Holiday
23. Only You (And You Alone) (Original Mix) The Platters
24. Donna (Original Mix) Ritchie Valens
25. You Are My Destiny (Original Mix) Paul Anka
26. It's All In The Game (Original Mix) Tommy Edwards
27. Poinciana (Original Mix) Henry Mancini
28. Why Do Fool Fall In Love (Original Mix) Frankie Lemon
29. Every Time We Say Goodbye (Original Mix) Ella Fitzgerald
30. Almost In Your Arms (Original Mix) Sophia Loren
31. La Plus Belle Du Monde (Original Mix) Dalida
32. Dis-Moi Quelque Chose De Gentil (Original Mix) Brigitte Bardot
33. Kiss (Original Mix) Marilyn Monroe
34. Warm (Original Mix) Johnny Mathis
35. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Original Mix) The Platters
36. Unchained Melody (Original Mix) Gene Vincent
37. Earth Angel (Original Mix) The Penguins
38. Tears On My Pillow (Original Mix) Little Anthony And The Imperials
39. That's Amore (Original Mix) Dean Martin
40. Kiss Me Honey, Honey Kiss Me (Original Mix) Shirley Bassey
41. Careless Love (Original Mix) Eartha Kitt
42. Magic Moments (Original Mix) Perry Como
43. Symphony Of Love (Original Mix) Ray Conniff
44. I'll Wait For You (Original Mix) Frankie Avalon

# Original Release Date: 8 Feb 2010
# Label: The Blue Bridge Records
# Copyright: (c) 2010 The Blue Bridge Records
# Total Length: 2:07:24

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UK Valentine song From The Heart

Valentine: Songs From The Heart

Album From The Heart

by Valentines

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1. Detroit Spinners Could It Be I'm Falling In Love
2. Chaka Khan I Feel For You
3. Dionne Warwick Heartbreaker
4. The Chi-Lites Oh Girl
5. Taylor Dayne Love Will Lead You Back
6. Teddy Pendergrass Turn Off The Lights
7. Big Country Fields Of Fire
8. Go West What You Won't Do For Love
9. Thelma Houston Love And Happiness
10. Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes My Girl
11. Rose Royce Wishing On A Star
12. The Trammps Break Up To Make Up
13. Kool And The Gang Joanna
14. The Stylistics Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)
15. The Chi-Lites Have You Seen Her?
16. Howard Jones Like To Get To Know You Well
17. Marvin Gaye What's Going On
18. Sinitta Love And Affection

# Audio CD (8 Feb 2010)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Label: Pegasus Entertainment

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UK Valentine song The Only Love Album

World's Greatest Valentines Love Songs - The Only Love Album You'll Ever Need

Album Valentines Love Songs

by Various Artists

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1. The Lady in Red Chris De Burgh Tribute Band
2. When a Man Loves a Woman Percy Sledge Tribute Band
3. I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston Tribute Band
4. (Everything I Do) I Do it for You Bryan Adams Tribute Band
5. How Deep is Your Love The Bee Gees Tribute Band
6. Killing Me Softly With His Song ( Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves) Roberta Flack Tribute Band
7. Sweet Love Anita Baker Tribute Band
8. Say You, Say Me Lionel Richie Tribute Band
9. When I Need You Leo Sayer Tribute Band
10. Stand By Me Ben E.King Tribute Band
11. Move Closer Phyllis Nelson Tribute Band
12. Still The Commodores Tribute Band
13. Careless Whisper George Michael Tribute Band
14. The Power of Love Frankie Goes To Hollywood Tribute Band
15. Hang On to Your Love Sade Tribute Band
16. The Best of My Love The Eagles Tribute Band
17. Holding Back the Years Simply Red Tribute Band
18. Three Times a Lady The Commodores Tribute Band
19. Theme from Love Story The Taylor Swift Tribute Band
20. Let's Stay Together Al Green Tribute Band
21. Lady Love Lou Rawls Tribute Band
22. First Time I Ever Saw Your Face Roberta Flack Tribute Band
23. I'll Be There Mariah Carey Tribute Band
24. Everlasting Love ( Bridget Jones Diary ) Jamie Cullum Tribute Band
25. When I Fall in Love Nat 'King' Cole Tribute Band
26. Unchained Melody Righteous Brothers Tribute Band
27. Je T'Aime Serge Gainsbourg Tribute Band
28. Sunrise Norah Jones Tribute Band
29. My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme from Titanic) Celine Dion Tribute Band
30. Endless Love Lionel Richie Tribute Band

# Original Release Date: 25 Jan 2010
# Label: Lushgroove
# Copyright: 2010 Lush Groove

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Monday, January 11, 2010

UK The Resistance - Muse

Best Buy The Resistance - Muse

Album The Resistance

by Muse

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1. Uprising

2. Resistance

3. Undisclosed Desires

4. United States Of Eurasia [+Collateral Damage]

5. Guiding Light

6. Unnatural Selection

7. MK Ultra

8. I Belong To You [+Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix]

9. Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 [Overture]

10. Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2 [Cross-pollination]

11. Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 [Redemption]

# Audio CD (14 Sep 2009)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Label: Helium 3

The Resistance is the first Muse album since the critically acclaimed, triple platinum selling Black Holes and Revelations that spawned five top 20 singles, was nominated for a plethora of awards, including the prestigious Mercury Music Prize, and concluded with two sold out nights at the newly opened Wembley Stadium. It was recorded in Northern Italy, produced by the band themselves and mixed by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent. In terms of sound and sonic vision The Resistance is their most ambitious long-player yet, which is clearly saying something. They have blown up the robo-funk/monster riff/stadium space rock sound of Black Holes... and widened their viewfinder even further to take in an even greater horizon of sound.

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Reviews The Resistance - Muse

The album opens with Uprising, a punchy pop/rock song with a blast of goldfrapp-esque rhythm. It drives you along as you listen. A very well written song that will have you returning to it quite often. 8/10

Second is Resistance, the title track. Opens with a slow synthy build up and then cracks in this little piano riff that'll make your spine shiver and your insides go all funny. It's a beautiful opening complimented by a catchy bridge and a heart felt chorus. The ending cools down again from the rest off the song to a synthy end. An awesome song 9/10

The third track, Undisclosed Desires really closes in on more chart music than before. It has many loops and doesn't have a complicated structure. The lack of guitar work in the song gives it a different feel to other Muse songs, and the lyrics are glorious. A well written winner 10/10

United States Of Eurasia. Slow piano to start, with an intense build up which hits into an awesome, arabic sounding pentatonic melody/riff. It's powerful and thrilling. The before the chopin piece at the end, the repetition of the work eurasia just makes this track an epic masterpiece. 7/10

The fifth track is Guiding Light. This is a typical power ballad in the sense it has a massive snare sound. Other than that, it's another muse song. It has an epic solo in the middle and a lot of synth. It doesn't build much, but everything you need is there. It's a nice song 7/10

Unnatural Selection. Just wow. Opens with organ and vocals with a radio effect on them. Then everything kicks in with a driving build up to a massive riff. This riff will have you wanting to hear it again and again. The vocals are mega catchy in the verse. There is a nice slow section before the chorus which you will be singing along to. The chorus sees the return to a loud, epic section. After the second chorus, everything breaks down into a sinister middle section, that is dark. This then build towards the end, where metal riffage comes in and will leave you remembering the days of past. Massive tune 10/10

Contra Vampire Weekend

Contra Vampire Weekend

Album Contra

by Vampire Weekend

>> more details..


1. Horchata

2. White Sky

3. Holiday

4. California English

5. Taxi Cab

6. Run

7. Cousins

8. Giving Up The Gun

9. Diplomat's Son

10. I Think Ur A Contra

# Audio CD (11 Jan 2010)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Label: xl recordings

New York City's Vampire Weekend made a huge impact on the indie music scene in early 2008 with the release of their self-titled debut album. Seamlessly blending afro-pop with indie rock, they return with 'Contra', a record bursting with a refreshing enthusiasm for experimentation, forward thinking and, above all, talent. Surf guitar is scattered around the record, while single 'Cousins' shows off the bands liking for up-tempo quirkiness and clever lyrics.

>> more details..

Reviews Contra Vampire Weekend

Opening track Horchata will be grist to the mill of the doubters with its subject (a Mexican rice drink) and rhyming - balaclava and aranciata to name but two. For the converted, along with tracks like White Sky, Holiday and the guitar driven Cousins, it is a track that could have come from their previous album, providing more of the same if that's what you're after. Where they depart there are some huge hits and perhaps the odd miss. Some of the tracks that had me worried on my first listen have already become amongst my favourites. One still remains at the risk of being skipped each time though. One day some kind of judicial process will bring Auto-tune to trial for crimes against music but until that time we will have to endure more experiments with it like California English. It is followed however by the beautiful Taxi Cab in which frontman Koenig employs those beautiful, effortless, Paul Simon tones, backed by strings and later harpsichord. How's that for Ivy League!

The thing about Vampire Weekends debut was that it came out of leftfield like the proverbial bolt from the blue; it was intelligent and inventive stuff and seemed to be an active partner to that other uber smart record of that time MGMTs "Oracular Spectacular". Erza Koenig's lyrics were witty and songs like "A Punk" could soundtrack romantic comedies.

While the essential features of the Vampire Weekend sound are here this album is noticeably different to signal progression. But is it better or worse for this?

Overall the sheer hedonism of their debut is missing which may not be a negative. You can have too much of a good thing and the band must develop. Not that the first track "Horchata" suggests a radical new departure. Indeed this could have happily sat on the debut while "White Sky" sounds like it could be included on a remix album entitled "Graceland with Synths". At a pinch so could have "Cousins" but which nevertheless shows how the band is maturing. It's the most frenzied guitar driven song on an album which relies more heavily on percussion and synths. Clocking up 2.25 minutes it's a great choice for a single.

Firmly in the "different" category are three songs. Firstly the albums clear highlight is "Taxi Cab". This is a slow beautiful bubbling pop song with some classical overtones and a lovely vocal by Koenig. If this is the new direction for Vampire Weekend I would vote for it! Similarly the sister song to "Taxi cab" is the title track "I think you are contra" a song of such dreamy pop that Beach House could have recorded it. It has a lovely melancholy quality and is about as far from "Walcott" or "Mansell Roof" as its possible to get. Finally many reviews have already named checked the Clash's Sandinista when it comes to "Diplomat Son" which is a 6 minute plus bouncy ska epic that the band just about pull off.

The same cannot be said for other songs such as "California English" which is a bit Vampire Weekend by formula and the very lightweight "Holiday" which is just a bit silly. "Contra" has a few low points and is therefore not quite five stars. That said it is by any standards a very successful sophomore effort on which many other new bands have struggled and failed. Vampire Weekend by this criteria may have a longevity and durability to become one of the major bands of the next decade. Enjoy.

Lungs Florence The Machine

Best Buy Lungs Florence + The Machine [Enhanced]

Album Lungs

by Florence + The Machine

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1. Dog Days Are Over

2. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

3. I'm Not Calling You A Liar

4. Howl

5. Kiss With A Fist

6. Girl With One Eye

7. Drumming Song

8. Between Two Lungs

9. Cosmic Love

10. My Boy Builds Coffins

11. Hurricane Drunk

12. Blinding

13. You've Got The Love

# Audio CD (6 Jul 2009)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Format: Enhanced
# Label: Island Records Group

Florence Welch, better known alongside her band as Florence + The Machine, confidently announces her arrival on Lungs. With several strong singles taking up a fair portion of this debut release, it's clear that Welch is as much a pop writer as she is a left-field artist, despite the early influence of punk and grunge on her life. Musically, these influences are tempered by an admiration for soul and contemporary indie. Welch also received the Critics' Choice award at the Brits in 2009, usually a sign of big things to come. Includes the singles "You've Got The Love" and "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)".

>> more details..

Reviews Best Buy Lungs Florence + The Machine [Enhanced]

Florence and the Machine for me is the glorious sound of someone who has sat down with a piano and a drum kit having just listened to too much Tori Amos and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Florence has a strangely ethereal voice helped along by the slight echo in quieter moments of the songs and the layered choral like backing vocals. The sound is deceptive. It is simultaneously demanding and seductive. The drums are relatively simple designed for no other reason than to drive the songs. The piano adds melody in support of Florence's voice and if you listen carefully there are subtle layers an nuances in it that will slowly be uncovered as you listen more.
To follow all this Florence and the Machine could not hope for a better debut. It is simply a joy to listen to. The tracks fly by but you remember every beat of them. `Dog Days are Over' is a brilliant start and following this with the most recent single adds a nice bit familiarity. Tracks like `Howl' and `Kiss with a Fist' are then great additions before the rhythmic genius of `Drumming Song'. It then gets a little more widescreen and epic in its sound with the combination of `Between Two Lungs' and `Cosmic Love'. It then relaxes down to a more intimate and personal sound for the final three tracks which round off the whole album nicely.

I see this album as a great, crazy achievement in itself, and as a wake-up call to some other artists. OK, so it isn't a competition - it's never been that - but there are plenty of successful artists out there who seem content with "less". One thing I've discovered from my journeys around continental metal is that "more" is an important part of the emotional hook: I think of it in terms of colour and texture. And this album is brimming over with colour and texture.

To those who are disappointed that this Florence isn't quite the same as the live Florence, I'd say that the drama of the live gigs surely couldn't really work in the longer term - not if you're planning to put the CD on repeat. The studio version of "Bird Song" on the bonus CD has a rather different character compared to the YouTube videos, but it works perfectly well for me.

Some reviewers have made comparisons with other singers, past and present. On "My Boy Builds Coffins", I hear something of the style of the late and much-missed John Martyn. Personally, I don't hear much Kate Bush in Florence's approach (stay away from those squeaky high notes please, Florence!), but she herself mentions Grace Slick as one of her influences and, well, perhaps something of that shows through. The key to Grace's way of singing, apparently, was that she was trying to emulate the sound of the electric guitar. That's a kind of madness in itself - and madness of a very special kind is something that Florence promises to deliver much more of in the future.

Acolyte - Delphic

Best Buy Acolyte - Delphic

Album Acolyte

by Delphic

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1. Clarion Call

2. Doubt

3. This Momentary

4. Red Lights

5. Acolyte

6. Halcyon

7. Submission

8. Counterpoint

9. Ephemera

10. Remain

# Audio CD (11 Jan 2010)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Label: Chimeric / Polydor

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Reviews Acolyte - Delphic

This album I have being looking forward to for an absolute age. I am certainly in the majority who think this will be one of the greatest bands and album of the year, and what a great start to the new decade. This album has rekindled the passionate love affair of indie and dance superbly, which has being tragically undermined and unrecognised in the previous decade.

In this little preview we are going to discuss these, so that we will have more time for the bulk of the album (seven tracks) when it arrives in January.

COUNTERPOINT (March 2009) is a six-minute tour de force built on a syncopated rhythm whipped by flickering trance keyboards and shards of post-punk guitar. It sounds like a marriage made in heaven between Technique-era New Order and the first Orbital album, with an atmosphere that is tense and caressing at the same time. The lyrics are short but poignant, singer James Cook desperately repeating "Tell me nothing's wrong, today". And of course there is nothing wrong when tracks are this velvety and ferocious.

THIS MOMENTARY (August 2009) is softer in approach at the start, with liquid guitars and keyboards, a nimble 4/4 rhythm track and a waterfall of vocals drenched in melancholy. Then, halfway through, it all changes into a percussive crescendo that quickly escalates into frenzy. After a dramatic pause the starting motifs and vocals are reprised, leading to a soothing close. Electronic plus Virgin Prunes, anyone?

DOUBT (November 2009) reverts to a syncopated rhythm and displays a kraftwerkery feel (we even believe to have heard a sample from "Sex Objekt" at the start). The lyrics are more articulate, with gasping singing on the verse. Then a soaring synth figure takes us to the brink of a precipice, where the devastating chorus is delivered. All this is repeated twice, before a guitar coda closes the track with scratched, neworderian regret.

This is all we know about Delphic at the moment. But it is already enough to nurture great hopes. Also, do not be put off by the name New Order popping up too often; these people are no inferior imitators. They are simply excellent students, on their way to give their teachers a good run for their money.

Forever Vienna - Andre Rieu

Forever Vienna [CD+DVD]

Album Forever Vienna

by Andre Rieu

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1. The Blue Danube

2. Radetzky March

3. The Second Waltz

4. Voices Of Spring

5. Strauss And Co.

6. Bole'ro

7. Vienna Blood

8. Perpetuum Mobile Opus 257

9. Wine, Women And Song

10. Thunder And Lightning Polka

11. Medley: Carnaval De Venise

12. The Gypsy Baron

13. The Merry Widow

14. On Holiday

15. Vilja Song

16. You Are My Hearts Delight

17. Strauss Party

# Audio CD (28 Dec 2009)
# Number of Discs: 2
# Format: CD+DVD
# Label: Decca

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Reviews Forever Vienna - Andre Rieu

This CD/DVD arrived on 31 December and made my New Year's Eve extremely enjoyable. The DVD provided entertainment - unlike the items available on TV. Seeing the orchestra and audience really enjoying themselves was wonderful. I sincerely hope this wonderful group of people continue for a long time and, if possible, do more touring round the UK - may be in Liverpool perhaps?

I saw Andre being interviewed on BBC Breakfast over the Christmas holiday and I couldn't wait to go out and buy his album! I have a passion for anything Strauss and I confess that The Blue Danube by Strauss is one of my all time favourite pieces and never fails to motivate me. Andre Rieu's version is just amazing, passionate and enchanting.

The whole album is gorgeous, filled with uplifting music. Even if you're not a big fan of classical, buy this album, its a CD to cure those winter blues and better than an anti-depressant! Andre you are a brilliant, well done!

PS: It comes with disc two which is a DVD of a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London - magnificent!

The Fame Monster UK Deluxe Edition

The Fame Monster (UK Deluxe Edition) [Deluxe Edition]

Album The Fame Monster

by Lady Gaga

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1. Bad Romance

2. Alejandro

3. Monster

4. Speechless

5. Dance In The Dark

6. Telephone

7. So Happy I Could Die

8. Teeth

# Audio CD (23 Nov 2009)
# Number of Discs: 2
# Format: Deluxe Edition
# Label: Polydor

This style of music is not really my cup of tea, it's just that Lady Gaga performs it perfectly with her own special ingrediants. My advise is; buy this album, it's a classic already. Right up there with "thriller" "a night at the opera" " blood sugar sex magic" "nevermind " "ten ". Most of you have these albums. Make your all time collection complete with this one, even if it's not your cup of tea.

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Reviews The Fame Monster UK Deluxe Edition

Two words describes this album: EXCELLENT & AMAZING. "The Fame Monster" it's an excellent pop album, as the fabolous Lady GaGa continues with her mix of electronic, pop & dance music, & it's amazing because it's Lady GaGa.
The fave songs on the album are: "Bad Romance" (no wonder it was a number 1 hit in the UK, and a worldwide smash), "Alejandro" (hope this one to be the third single off the album), "Monster" and the masterpiece "So Happy I Could Die.
This is the score I give to each track on the album:
* Bad Romance: 10/10
* Alejandro: 10/10
* Monster: 10/10
* Speachless: 10/10
* Dance in the Dark: 8/10
* Telephone (feat. Beyoncé): 9/10
* So Happy I Could Die: 10/10
* Teeth: 7/10
I highly recommend you to purchase this fabolous album, it won't disappoint you at all! :D
Happy New Year to everyone!! xoxo

UK Sigh No More - Mumford & Sons

Best buy UK Sigh No More - Mumford & Sons

Album Sigh No More (2009)

by Mumford & Sons

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Serve God love me and men
This is not the end
Lived unbruised we are friends
And I'm sorry
I'm sorry

Sigh no more, no more
One foot in sea, one on shore
My heart was never pure
And you know me
And you know me

And man is a giddy thing
Oh man is a giddy thing
Oh man is a giddy thing
Oh man is a giddy thing

Love that will not betray you, dismay or enslave you,
It will set you free
Be more like the man you were made to be.
There is a design,
An alignment to cry,
At my heart you see,
The beauty of love as it was made to be (x4)

# Audio CD (5 Oct 2009)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Label: Universal / Island


1. Sigh No More

2. The Cave

3. Winter Winds

4. Roll Away Your Stone

5. White Blank Page

6. I Gave You All

7. Little Lion Man

8. Timshel

9. Thistle & Weeds

10. Awake My Soul

11. Dust Bowl Dance

12. After The Storm

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Reviews Sigh No More - Mumford & Sons

Without a doubt the best album I've bought this year and probably ever. Just cannot get these songs out of my head. It's an absolutly quality folk album thats a little bit different. I can't emphasise enough how much you should buy this album and see these guys live if you have the chance.

The songs are all very strong but to single out a few for your attention the lovely ballad "After the storm" is achingly beautiful and what a mature work for such a young band. Similarly the single "Little Lion Man" is a banjo driven foot tapper but with superb lyrics and story. Other standouts include the initially soothing "I gave you all" which is a slow burner that builds to an excellent and powerful crescendo. Mention in dispatches should also go to Waterboys "Fisherman blues" era stomp "Roll away your stone" and the excellent high tempo folk of "Thistle and Weeds" and the sheer passion of "White Blank Page". I have in candour not yet found a real duffer on this album which is hugely impressive and with the "The Cave" they have recorded one of the songs of 2009. I have recently heard Mumfords songs not on this album including "Sister" available free from their website, "Liar" and a corking cover of version of Calvin Harris's "Im not alone". There is clearly strength in depth with this band and talent to spare.