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Monday, January 11, 2010

Forever Vienna - Andre Rieu

Forever Vienna [CD+DVD]

Album Forever Vienna

by Andre Rieu

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1. The Blue Danube

2. Radetzky March

3. The Second Waltz

4. Voices Of Spring

5. Strauss And Co.

6. Bole'ro

7. Vienna Blood

8. Perpetuum Mobile Opus 257

9. Wine, Women And Song

10. Thunder And Lightning Polka

11. Medley: Carnaval De Venise

12. The Gypsy Baron

13. The Merry Widow

14. On Holiday

15. Vilja Song

16. You Are My Hearts Delight

17. Strauss Party

# Audio CD (28 Dec 2009)
# Number of Discs: 2
# Format: CD+DVD
# Label: Decca

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Reviews Forever Vienna - Andre Rieu

This CD/DVD arrived on 31 December and made my New Year's Eve extremely enjoyable. The DVD provided entertainment - unlike the items available on TV. Seeing the orchestra and audience really enjoying themselves was wonderful. I sincerely hope this wonderful group of people continue for a long time and, if possible, do more touring round the UK - may be in Liverpool perhaps?

I saw Andre being interviewed on BBC Breakfast over the Christmas holiday and I couldn't wait to go out and buy his album! I have a passion for anything Strauss and I confess that The Blue Danube by Strauss is one of my all time favourite pieces and never fails to motivate me. Andre Rieu's version is just amazing, passionate and enchanting.

The whole album is gorgeous, filled with uplifting music. Even if you're not a big fan of classical, buy this album, its a CD to cure those winter blues and better than an anti-depressant! Andre you are a brilliant, well done!

PS: It comes with disc two which is a DVD of a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London - magnificent!

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